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With both Dustin and I growing up in Hereford, he has been my friend since I was little and has been with me through it all. He met his beautiful wife Julie in Idaho, but soon came back to the Texas Panhandle to attend West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Tx. After many long talks on the phone and many Skype calls, Dustin and Julie knew there was a connection. Eventually Julie decided to move to Amarillo, Tx, and on the journey from Idaho to Texas, Dustin proposed. After moving to Canyon, Dustin and I remained very good friends. When he asked Cinderella to do his engagements, I was so excited about being able to give back to him after everything that he has given me. We took his engagements in the rolling hills around Canyon, Tx. We also went to a couple places in Amarillo for the shoot. They were an absolute joy to shoot with. They were natural and fun and up for anything. It was such a fun shoot with the energy they projected. Dustin and Julie got married in Idaho and Dustin asked me to be one of his groomsmen. Dustin and Julie are such a blessing to my life and I hope and pray that they have a wonderful life together. Thanks Dustin and Julie for choosing Cinderella Wedding Photography Company!