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Sarah and Wes are both young and full of this amazing energy which really made their wedding pop. Being that they are both Catholic, it included a lot of traditions which made for a really unique wedding, and then ended with an incredible party.

A Catholic wedding is always fun to shoot because there is such a high view of marriage within their religion – the ceremony itself becomes very sacred with all of the rituals and traditions throughout it.

What made their wedding really stand out was that it was held at The Cathedral of Peter and Paul in downtown Chattanooga. It’s an amazing church, full of beautiful architecture, stained glass windows, and a massive sanctuary that allowed their vows to echo through the halls. There was a choir and orchestra that tied it all together by including hymns throughout the ceremony.

As a side note, Sarah looked incredible in her dress – paired with her dark lipstick, she looked like a movie star from another era. Her dark eyes, confidence, and love shining through tied her look together. She will always stand out as one of the most unique brides I’ve had to opportunity to capture in photographs.

If the ceremony exemplified them as being traditional and ceremonial, then their youthful energy really shined through at the amazingly fun reception. Congrats Sarah and Wes!