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Where is Cinderella Wedding Photography located? 

Cinderella Wedding Photography Company’s has two locations currently, one in Amarillo, Texas, and one in Tennessee. Stefan Schlabs runs the Amarillo, Texas branch of Cinderella Wedding Photography. 

What is the turnaround time for photos?

For Engagement or Bridal portraits, typcical turnaround time is 2 weeks from the day of the shoot. For weddings, turnaround time is 8 weeks from the wedding day. On request, we can provide a teaser of the best images from the wedding day for 2 weeks after.

Does Cinderella Wedding Photography travel for weddings?

Yes! To travel, Cinderella usually charges $50 for each hour of total driving, or for the cost of plane tickets. In addion, there’s a travel fee to help cover meals and other travel exspenses. The travel fee is a case by case price. Just contact us for more info. 

In Texas, does Stefan usually shoot with someone else? 

Stefan is the primary photogapher, while other photographers will accompany him as an assistant/second shooter on wedding days. The second shooter does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work like building photobooks and editing, and capturing details on the wedding day. Because Stefan is the primary photogapher, he will do all the engagements and bridal portraits by himself. All the engagements and bridal portraits featured on the website were taken by Stefan.

How much is the deposit to book Cinderella Wedding Photography?

We let you decide the amount for a deposit. As long as it’s larger than $500, it can be any amount to book us. Also, custom payment plans are available to fit your budget. So just let us know how we can better customize our pricing to fit your needs.