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Let’s be honest, not everyone who gets into photography wants to shoot weddings. Instead, many photographer’s dream is to shoot fashion, magazine portraits, famous bands, wonderful landscapes, or any other cool thing you can think of. But everyone who gets into photography knows that the wedding industry can be a very lucrative, profitable way to make it in the photography industry. In other words, weddings pay very good. But still, many do not want to build their brand around being just a “wedding photographer”. So, the question is, is there a way to – one the one hand – pursue your dream niche of photography, while at the same time, being able to take advantage of the large profits waiting wedding photography market?

That’s where Cinderella Wedding Photography comes in.

So, the idea of Cinderella Wedding Photography is this: pursue your own photography dream, and on the side, become a Cinderella Wedding Photographer to make extra cash.

By becoming a Cinderella Photography Wedding Photographer, you’ll not only benefit from the high quality of photography branding itself, but also from being able to use for your portfolio.

Other benefits of becoming a Cinderella Wedding Photographer are:

  • Having name recognition and the excellence of the Cinderella Photography brand for local market use.
  • A WordPress based photography website featuring your wedding portfolio (
  • Domain, design, maintenance, hosting, unlimited storage – we handle it all.
  • Having a separate wedding portfolio that doesn’t clutter your own photography interests on other website(s).
  • Being able to make more money with your photography skills in the wedding industry while being able to maintain your own, separate, non-wedding photography work and portfolio.

If you interested in becoming a Cinderella Wedding Photographer, just contact us and let us know.