Mackenize + Trey’s Botanical Fall Engagements

Mackenzie and trey will be getting married at the Resplendent Gardens in 2017. As such, they decided that it would be a good spot to have their engagement photos done there as well. Even though its fall, you wouldn’t be able to tell at the Resplendent gardens. They take very good care of their property, and make sure all the plants and trees are look as green as ever. It is definitely an awesome new venue in Amarillo, and I’m super excited about their wedding there. For some of the shoot, we were able to get into the green house they have on property. For some reason, green houses are awesome for taking photos. They seem to cast a soft glow of light, and with the beautiful colorful plants, it creates a stellar combo. After that location, we went over to another spot where we were able to capture the fall look. The vine wall was perfect; the leaves had turned a bright red and orange. Mackenzie and Trey are a super fun couple. They are very relaxed and its easy to tell how much they love and care for each other. It really does make a difference in photos; you can tell when people truly love each other. Trey and Mackenzie had that going for them. The combination of sweet venue and fall colors made for a wonderful engagement shoot. Can’t wait for their wedding in 2017!