Amy + Chase’s Bohemian Panhandle Mix Wedding

Lubbock has never really been friendly to me anytime I have made the journey there from Amarillo. At one point a couple years ago, I was trying to get home, but was kept because of a massive dirt storm in Lubbock (just a small example). It just seems like Lubbock doesn’t want me to be happy. It seemed like that until this wedding, which was truly a gift from Lubbock (and Amy and Chase, of course). The venue in Lubbock is called Horseshoe Knot Event Center, which is composed of a big red barn for reception and a large fenced-in field for outdoor weddings. It’s a beautiful venue, and perfect for outdoor weddings that are going to have a lot of guests; Chase and Amy had a lot of guests. The groomsmen photos were taken at the venue, but I wanted to change it up a little for the bridesmaids. We searched around for a good spot, and finally found a field with trees, and a cotton field. This seems like a very typical Panhandle thing to do, and it was. It made for incredible photos though. Amy and her bridesmaids were all very comfortable with each other, which made for a fun time. They also had the perfect colors on; grey dresses with minty green bouquets. Amy deserves credit for such a great choice in colors, which not only complimented her deep red Bouquet and light blond hair, but truly made for fantastic photos. Amy wanted to create a sort of Bohemian style for the ceremony, complimented mostly by the wonderfully colored rug that went down the isle. The decorations really flowed, and I will continually give props to Amy for creating a such a wonderful mix of panhandle and bohemian style. It was truly wonderful to see Amy and Chase be with each other during the ceremony. The look they gave one another can make anyone soft (see photos below). After the ceremony, we went back to the cotton field to take newlywed photos. Chase is an awesome guys who really loves his wife, and I think that showed through in the photos. I say this a lot, but it really does make a difference. The light was fading, and the colors in the field were even more saturated, which created a very romantic feel in the wedding photos. Having a couple like Chase and Amy, mixed with the wonderful surroundings, made for some incredible shots. Overall, it was a beautiful day and I was (and am) so excited to be a part of it. I wish Chase and Amy the best in their years together!