Colter + Caitlin’s Apple Country Orchard Wedding:

Lubbock has some great venues; including this one. Also, it has some great couple; like these two. Colter and Caitlin decided to have their wedding at Apple Country Orchards near Lubbock. They had just recently updated the venue, making it suitable for weddings. It’s a very unsuspecting place. I know now that it is definitely one of the coolest venues I’ve been able to shoot. Everything there is “cute” and everything is good for photos. Both bridesmaid and groomsmen photos were taken in between the apple trees, setting a nice green glow through the apple tree’s leaves. They decided to do a first look, so we were able to capture photos with the somewhat stronger sunlight. The ceremony came and went with cries and glorious words spoken by a beautiful couple. After the sun started going down, we were able to head out once again for some true romantics. The softer sun was able to complement the apple orchard even more than before with its romantic feel. I very much enjoyed Colter and Caitlin. They were an awesome couple that had great style and more importantly, loved one another. It was truly a pleasure shooting their wedding, and I wish them the best in their first year of marriage!