Ashlyn and Ryan are getting married in Lubbock this September. The first thing I noticed when they pulled up for their photos was Ryan’s 90s Ford F-150. It had a unique body style, and a purple and pink stripe across the side that really worked with the entire thing. Ryan told me that it was his grandfather’s and that the reason he would buy a car with a pink and purple stripe was that he was colorblind, and thought it was actually red and blue: the main colors of this great nation. Ryan is definitely a classic guy, and there are very few that could pull off a truck like that. In addition to Ashlyn’s style, Ryan and Ashlyn are a perfect fit for each other (classic + stylish), which is easy to see in their shoot.

They decided on Palo Duro for their photos, which turned out to be a perfect choice for the day. Not only is Palo Duro it beautiful, but it also blocks the ever-present west Texas wind. The day we went out for Ashlyn and Ryan’s shoot, the weather was a little less friendly than normal. Dark clouds developed and at some points seemed to be menacing. Though no storm developed, the clouds did give a nice light that softened the sun – which can be seen in their shoot. It was a pleasure to work with Ashlyn and Ryan, and I can’t wait for their Summer/Fall wedding!