Susan and Jimmy currently live in Chicago. Some call Chicago the windy city. I disagree. With an average wind speed of 13.5mph, Amarillo is, in fact, the windiest city in America (according to USA today). Though facts overwhelmingly support that Amarillo, and not Chicago, as a windy city – Susan and Jimmy’s wedding day saw very little wind (perhaps it was transferred to a Chicago for the day). Instead of being windy, it was a spotted cloudy, incredibly sunny day in the Texas Panhandle. Sunny days are especially good for photos near the end of the day when the sun has had a chance to settle down a bit. If any sort of plantation is involved, the sun creates a stunning glow that envelops each leaf (as seen in their romantics). As far as style goes, the greenery and colors chosen complemented the PDC pavilion and the majesty that surrounds it very well.

The number one thing about Susan and Jimmy that stuck out to me was their ability to have a good time with their friends. The relationships they have with each other and friends is evident all around; onlookers would be jealous. I only was able to know Susan and Jimmy for the short wedding day, though I truly believe their likable and witty characters would mean that we would be great friends (Susan was sure to tell me this in a thank you card). I wish Jimmy and Susan the best as they start their new lives in San Fransico, and am confident that their ability to create relationship will serve them well with each other and in the community.