Lauren and I first met at the Bridal Show of Amarillo. Colin and I first met at Centennial Hall at West Texas A&M University. These were on completely separate occasions, with completely different time frames. Thinking back (and admittedly on a minimal first impression), they were perfect for each other. In fact, they are both originally from New York, and happened upon one another in the small town of Canyon, at WTAMU – a true match made in heaven. This turned out to be very true, considering they ended up deciding they were perfect for each other, and are now going to be together forever.

To start, Lauren and I went out for her bridals. It ended up being supremely lit, and Lauren proved to be a wonderful model. We first went to one of my favorite locations in Canyon, which betrays the treeless flatlands and replaces it with a luscious forest-like landscape. For our second location, however, we made sure to take advantage one of the best landscapes of the flatlands: a soft colored, brown field. Though the wind was extremely prominent, the photos turned out fantastic.

The anticipation for the wedding day was building all around, and I was excited to finally get to capture this incredible couple together. It ended up being just as it should – a wonderful couple that truly loves each other, giving glory to the God they serve by committing to forever serve one another in matrimony. The cloudy day emphasized the subtle colors (and further by the Canyon walls), and the photos of Lauren and Colin were rich and romantic in nature. I was super excited to be a part of this day, with a couple that will surely be a light to all those around them. I wish Lauren and Colin the best as they start their new lives together!