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Wedding Packages Texas

Cinderella’s approach to photography from a pricing perspective is somewhat different than most. Here’s how it works: If we do your wedding, bridals, or engagements we give you all the photos and exclusive copyright privileges with the photos. Which means you can make as many copies and prints of any of the photos we’ve taken.. All we do is charge one flat-rate for the shoot, and give you all the photos (on CD), as well as provide an online viewing gallery where you can download all your images for free, and the link never expires!

You do the printing wherever you like. We just take the pictures. It’s that easy. And to help you with making prints, we reccomend an online, wholesale printer, and teach you how to use them. That way you can get cheap, affodable prints for yourself, friends, and family without paying the 500%-1000% mark up that most photographers charge for doing prints.

Most photographers charge a sitting fee, which usually is a fairly low price. Then after the photo shoot, the photographer still owns all the photos legally. Then you (the customer) are forced to purchase every single individual copy of the photographs for a steep price. With us, you get it all for one price.

Also, please let us know if you’re interested in hiring us for the wedding only, without bridals or engagements, or if our prices are out of your budget range, and we will see what we can do. Discounts and customized packages are available for Fridays and Sundays, as well as the winter wedding season.


  • Engagement, Bridal Session, or the Photobooth (you choose one) 3 Hours of Shooting, Unlimited Locations, Unlimited Clothing Changes, Unlimited disks.
  • Two Photographers to capture your wedding day (Stefan Schlabs+a second shooter).
  • Copy Rights Privileges to all the photos taken. You own all the photos.
  • All the Photos Touched Up meaning color corrected & slightly enhanced to make the photos better than they already are.
  • Wholesale Printer Recommendations for getting your prints cheap, fast, and at the best possible quality. (
  • All Photos on Disk for friends and family. You get as many as you want for free.
  • Online Viewing Gallery of All the Images to Download. Images are available by private link online. Link never expires.
  •  Photo Schedule customized for the wedding day so you know the entire timeline for the entire day.

6 Hour


6 hours of coverage + two photographers + online viewing gallery for downloading + a disc of high resolution images from the wedding day with copyrights

8 Hour


8 hours of coverage + two photographers + online viewing gallery for downloading + a disc of high resolution images from the wedding day with copyrights

10 Hour


10 hours of coverage + two photographers + online viewing gallery for downloading + a disc with high quality images from the wedding day with copyrights + Large 8.75″X11.75″ Custom Photobook with 85 photos from the wedding day



The 10 hour package listed to the left, the Photobooth, Deluxe Bridal and Engagement Sessions.