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Who We Are

Cinderella Wedding Photography Co. is a high-end, well trained team of photographers with lots wedding photography experience based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Many photographers and photography companies take photos of everything for you – babies, families, seniors, children – but Cinderella Wedding Photography Co. specializes in romantic photography exclusively – whether it be engagement photography right here in the Chattanooga area, capturing your Tennessee wedding, or just simple bridal portraits or anniversary pics – we’re here to capture your fairytale that will last for generations.

About Stefan

Stefan, first franchise owner of Cinderella Wedding Photography Company in Texas, started shooting weddings with Joseph, owner of Cinderella Wedding Photography when he was fifteen years old. Before getting his first camera for Christmas, Stefan always had a desire to photograph the world around him. With a brother in wedding photography, Stefan had the opportunity to further his career in photography by shooting around 30 weddings with Joseph. After Joseph moved to Tennessee, Stefan was able to start doing weddings on his own. After much work and diligence developing his skill and artistic eye, Joseph hired him to become the first franchise owner of Cinderella Wedding Photography Company. Doing weddings primarily in the Amarillo area, Stefan has been able to fall in love the Texas landscape and capture the beauty of the wedding day intertwined with the deep roots of the flatlands.

Today, Cinderella Wedding Photography Co. is a company made of talented, local up and coming photographers who are passionate about capturing romantic, timeless photos for their wedding clients – all the while providing excellence that is second to none in the photography world. Although Cinderella Photography Co. is based in Amarillo, Texas, there are multiple photographers throughout in the US that can be called team members of Cinderella Wedding Photography Co. Although there is slight differences between each photographer, Cinderella’s photography style can be described as clean, simple classical, elegant, and modern.