An April Snooper’s Rock elopement with Stephen+Katie – located just a short drive from Chattanooga, this location a beloved spot for couples seeking a picturesque and secluded setting for their special day. Perched atop the stunning cliffs overlooking the Tennessee River Gorge, it offers panoramic views that are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
They opted for a later morning timeframe, booking our two hour all-inclusive package.  While the area is best known for the epic sunrise views, really anytime is beautiful. We always recommend to clients what works best for their schedule, personalities, and needs, not just what everyone says to do. If you’re not a morning person, look to moving your ceremony to a little later. You’re still get the beautiful views and be more relaxed because you’re doing what works best for you.
Hiring a skilled photographer who is familiar with the location and can capture the magic of the moment will ensure that every emotion, detail, and breathtaking view is preserved for a lifetime. This is why the all-inclusive package is so popular. We’ve captured countless weddings here, know the ins and outs, and help tailor the day to work best for you.
Stephen+Katie’s April Snooper’s Rock elopement was gorgeous and had the perfect spring feel to their day.  We’re obsessed with their pictures and know they’ll cherish them for a lifetime!
For a comparison of an April sunrise micro-wedding, check out Ryan+Erick’s wedding that was held the day before.