Doing this engagement shoot at Berry College with Rachel+Javon as our first one of 2018 was the perfect way to start off the wedding season. Rachel did an amazing job of planning this session from the props to locations to their outfits. She invested a lot of time and research into bringing what she wanted the end result to look like.

We started the shoot at and we were able to get some incredible shots in and around Oak Hill Gardens. These gardens and mansions are spread over the huge estate at Berry College. Through careful planning, we were able to time this shoot perfectly with the spring blooms. The azaleas and other flowers were stunning and the spring weather made this part of the shoot come together really well. It was super beautiful and really fit well with their personalities.

The second location was on the actual Berry College Campus. This college is absolutely stunning with its architecture. Paired with Rachel+Javon’s classy, formal attire, it gave the shoot an old world feel. With her bright red dress, these pictures will remain timeless and beautiful for decades.

Being able to travel outside of the Chattanooga area for engagement sessions is a lot of fun. While Chattanooga has some of my favorite spots, it’s fun to explore beautiful places within an hour’s drive.  I’d never done a shoot at Berry College, and I really enjoyed spending time there with Rachel+Javon.