We live in a gorgeous town. We say it over and over again, but really, we have some of the most magical locations here. A mid-sized city surrounded by mountains and the Tennessee River, what could be better?  These are the best Chattanooga engagement photography locations.
We wanted to draw attention to some of our favorites places near Chattanooga, making it easier for clients and future clients to find the right spot.  We love doing a mix of urban and nature engagement sessions, giving clients a really full and diverse album.


Whether you’re looking to hit multiple locations or just one of your favorites, our engagement photography packages come with a wedding package or can be stand alone.


Downtown Chattanooga

Downtown Chattanooga

Strolling around downtown Chattanooga is a great way to start an engagement session and loosen up. It’ll give you tons of great urban shots, plus you can easily stop in for a drink at a favorite restaurant or bar. Maybe a restaurant holds special meaning to clients – a first date, a proposal, family owned. Some clients like to do this to help them ease into a session and relax a bit. We love walking through the West Village, the Market Street area, and even heading over to the more historic UTC campus.


Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock

Lookout Mountain – With gorgeous views of the Tennessee Valley and downtown Chattanooga, this is one of the most popular views for residents and tourists. We do several engagement sessions a year here since it’s not too far from downtown. They call it Sunset Rock for a reason – the best place to catch the sunset. We usually like to end engagement sessions, capturing those epic cliff shots with the drone. 


Chickamauga Battlefield

Best Chattanooga Engagement Photography - Chickamauga Battlefield

North Georgia – a Georgia state park, Chickamauga Battlefield has easy trails, wide open fields, and huge, gorgeous trees. The tall grasses in the spring are just so lovely. With so many cool spots in one area, it’s great for clients opting for the one hour session.


Walnut Street Bridge

Best Chattanooga Engagement Photography - Walnut Street Bridge

Downtown Chattanooga – Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, you can’t get much more iconic than the Walnut Street Bridge. The blue railings, backdrops galore, and more, there’s a reason this place is so popular. You’re also just a short walk from Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, Hunter Museum and Bluff View. If you’re looking for urban engagement photography, this is a great place to start!


Reflection Riding Arboretum

Best Chattanooga Engagement Locations - Reflection Riding

Lookout Mountain – A quick drive to the side of Lookout Mountain will bring you to this incredible nature center and arboretum. We have special photography permission to come here and we absolutely love it.  You can be among the trees, wildflowers, and even a bamboo forest. Since it’s so close to Downtown Chattanooga, it’s easy to capture nature shots here, cliff side shots at Sunset Rock, and still have time to capture urban shots in town.  We were even able to come here and capture some bridal party shots this past fall – they came out beautifully!


Cloudland Canyon

Best Chattanooga Engagement Photography - Cloudland Canyon

Lookout Mountain, GA – About 45 minutes outside of Chattanooga, this place has some of the best hikes and waterfalls. Since it is a bit farther, it really works best for the deluxe session so we have ample time to capture some great shots. If you’re feeling adventurous and like to hike, let’s make this happen.