The wedding day before the reception is a very sacred and calm time. All of the work that has gone into putting the day together is still unfolding with everything focusing on the ceremony. However, after the vows, it’s fun to move into a completely different direction with the reception. The receptions we captured this year were full of happy energy that gave us some of our favorite pictures.

We’ve had the honor of working with incredible vendors and planners to create amazing reception parties. Soirees, Victoria Love, and Shaun Cox know how to put together an entire day perfectly. These planners move the day seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception. Whether the reception has Soundforce or live music, having everyone up and dancing creates some of the most memorable receptions. Buffets or sit down dinners, the food from places like Events with Taste and Dish t’Pass are always perfect.

Once the ceremony ends, the tone of the day changes to excitement as everyone moves into the reception. This change invigorates our team with energy, and capturing the excitement is a blast. It’s fun to see the guests sit back, relax, and enjoy the coming together of two people they love.