The special time on the wedding day when we get the bride and groom alone to take pictures is called romantics. It’s my favorite part of the day because it’s an intimate, special time to capture the story of the couple.

This part of the day is where it slows down. Whether it’s with the First Look or after the ceremony, we get the best pictures during this time. The couple can finally take some time to savor the day and focus on each other. Finally alone and able to soak everything up, we love being there as it’s happening.

Taking the romantics gives the couple some moments of calm, where they can really focus on their relationship and love. This time of reflection is what comes back to us on camera as we capture their love story together. These pictures, in those moments, are what they will show their children and grandchildren for decades to come.

Just like with the portraits, romantics show their styles coming together after months of planning. From her dress, which she picked out months in advance, the flowers, and accessories, it’s fun to see her style. The same goes for the groom – his suit/tux and the coordination that’s gone into it all.

What I love about romantics, too, is that we can move around their venue, the time and place where everything has come together. By maximizing locations, we can give the couple a lot of variety in their wedding album. From indoors, to outdoors, nature to urban, being able to take photos in these different places is a lot of fun.