In 2017, I saw some of the coolest and best wedding details I’ve seen in all my years shooting weddings in the Chattanooga area. These details usually fall to the coordinates like Soirees. Coordinators do a fantastic job of helping the couple choose what works best for the wedding they’re having. From stationary, to flowers and favors, it really was an incredible year for weddings details.

The stationary I saw really took everything up to a new level with some beautiful designs. The calligraphy that might be seen in the invitation, was then carried over to the wedding day signage. It was all catered to truly fit the bride and groom’s personalities, whether it was embossed or printed.

One of my favorite parts of wedding details is the cake. Not only to get I get to photograph them, but I usually get to taste them as well. This year, the cakes were not only beautiful, but tasted amazing. Tarte Cakes are always some of best of the best – style, creativity, and best flavors.

Sometimes, it’s the really unique and personal details that stand out. One couple had mix tapes made of their favorite songs through dating and engagement, handing them out as favors to guests. One couple used the bride’s family cookie recipe to give guests fresh baked cookies to take home.

Even the jewelry is coming more into play these days. A cool trend I saw were the personalized cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen. This fit beautifully for the more formal weddings I captured.

Floral details are always a beautiful touch to the day, and these days it’s more than just the bride’s bouquet. I’m seeing more and more from the team at May Flowers, and am always blown away by how beautiful their arrangements are. The Clay Pot has been around for about 25 years, and is still a favorite I see throughout the year.

Couples and coordinators spend a lot of time working out each detail for the wedding day. Capturing all the little things for them in beautiful pictures is one of my favorite parts of the job. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!