We’ve listed the best proposal locations in Chattanooga.  A mountainside overlook, cascading waterfall, or local landmarks create the perfect backdrop for these intimate moments. 
Drawing attention to some of the area’s best proposal locations, this list helps make it easier for current and future clients to find the right spot.  And the great thing about proposals, is that they don’t have to be on a weekend, meaning the spot you choose will be less crowded. Ready to book your surprise proposal? Drop us a line and tell us more about you!

Walnut Street Bridge

One of the longest pedestrian-only bridge in the United States, people come from all over to see the iconic blue of this bridge. Stretching across the Tennessee River from Frazier Avenue over to the Hunter Museum, there’s so much to see. It’s no wonder we capture most of our proposals here – it’s easy to blend into the crowd, making it easy to snap the surprise!


Cloudland Canyon

Lookout Mountain – a Georgia state park, Cloudland Canyon has easy hiking trails and several great spots for a surprise proposal. You can hike down to the base of the iconic waterfall or at the top, with views of the valley. Fall seems to be the most popular time for a proposal here, because the leaf color is so intense.


Hunter Museum Overlook

Right by the Walnut Street Bridge, this overlook gives a gorgeous backdrop to proposal. Some clients even have families stand on the bridge to get a distant view of the moment, creating some really special and fun shots. The great thing about Hunter Museum overlook, is that you can stroll around the area and get even more beautiful shots with the TN Aquarium in the background and architecture of the museum.


Renaissance Park

Connected to Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park is a favorite because you can have a picture perfect backdrop of the Chattanooga skyline. With a small dock jutting over the TN River, you can have the Walnut Street Bridge, TN Aquarium, and Lookout Mountain all in the frame behind you. And after the proposal, you can walk through the park, giving you a more remote and woodland feel, even though you’re right in the city.


Point Park

Atop Lookout Mountain, Point Park gives you gorgeous views of the Chattanooga valley, particularly, the bend of the TN River. The way the river wraps around Chattanooga is insanely gorgeous. With tons of trees, this area is beautiful anytime of the year, but especially in the late fall as the leaves start to change.