Chattanooga Park Elopement

Chattanooga Park Elopement – a sunny afternoon at this Tennessee forest with Natalie+Aaron.
An early May, afternoon ceremony made for the perfect day. Some clients plan their micro-wedding or elopement in just a few weeks time, while others spend more time to make sure family can attend. We did Natalie+Aaron’s engagement pictures the summer before, with them knowing they’d book us for their spring elopement. 
We worked with them to find the right day and time for the feel they wanted.  With the ease of getting to the Snooper’s Rock overlook for incredible views, it’s no wonder it’s become so popular – especially on the beautiful spring weekends.
From the overlook, we moved to the wildflower fields on the way back down the mountain. Epic views, open fields, and views along the bank of the TN River, it’s no wonder Prentice Cooper is such a popular area.