Jacob+Megan have a long history together, even though they are so young, and their wedding was a really sweet celebration of how long they’ve been together. They started dating in high school and shared a passion for golf. By having a shared passion and interests, their friendship has transcended their romantic relationship, which was so cool to see on their wedding day.

The reception, held at The Mill, had an incredible amount of beautiful reminiscing due to knowing each other for so long, and building and growing their friendships together with so many people. One of the bridesmaids even read a conversation from the mid-2000’s where Megan talked about her crush on Jacob. It was really wonderful to see two people so madly in love with each other for so long, and celebrating with people that have watched it grow.

We are so happy for Jacob+Megan and it was really an honor to be able to capture their wedding day!