Kailtyn+Austin opted for the top for their Cloudland Canyon elopement, then hiked down to the waterfall for pictures.
Top or bottom, either is gorgeous for a wedding at Cloudland Canyon. Depending on the number of guests, mobility, and other factors, we can help you decide which location is best. And we do this with all the locations we suggest which helps clients figure out what works for them.
Kaitlyn+Austin’s Cloudland Canyon elopement was so sweet. Being at the end of July, it was hot, but lovely! They packed fans, extra water bottles, and the high spirits for their day.  Leading up to their wedding, they worked with our officiant, to plan out their ceremony, tailoring it to their needs. That’s what’s great about our all-inclusive elopement packages – they take the stress away, making it easier to focus on the more fun details of the day.
After the ceremony and family pictures at the top, we hiked down to the bottom (so many stairs!), to get couples shots by the falls. It hadn’t rained too much leading up to their day, so the waterfall wasn’t as full as it normally is. That’s the thing with weddings in nature, you never quite know what you’ll get, but we can always promise it’ll be gorgeous.