Elope in Chattanooga at Snooper’s Rock

Elope in Chattanooga at Snooper’s Rock – a mid-March morning micro-wedding ceremony with Carrie+Curt at inside Prentice Cooper State Forest.
You can’t go wrong with a wedding in Prentice Cooper State Forest. Just 45 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, this massive park with winding trails has a easy access to Snooper’s Rock.   That means you can have your epic Tennessee forest wedding at an incredible overlook without a hike in fancy clothes. Our best advice for your elopement or wedding, do what you love and best represents you, your style, and personality!
Carrie+Curt had their micro-wedding elopement in the morning. with just a slight overcast. With these early March ceremonies, there is a greater chance of rain. Carrie+Curt were flexible from the start, meaning we knew we could adjust their timeframe the day-of to find the best window without rain.  The thing with rainy days is that there the clouds block out the traditional sunrise views. That means you can push your ceremony to a timeframe that works better because the views will be the same, no matter the time of day.  Snooper’s Rock really is beautiful anytime of the year and any weather conditions. With our 2 hour all-inclusive elopement package, we can find the timeframe that works best for you.
We tend to use the term elopement pretty loosely, meaning your ceremony can include more than just you+your fiancé. With Snooper’s Rock, we suggest limiting your guest list to about 25 people due to the size of the overlook itself. Safety first!