Georgia Elopement with Lexie+Adam – a winter wonderland wedding at Cloudland Canyon State Park near Chattanooga, Tennessee.
January had an insane cold snap with temps hovering below twenty degrees during the day for almost a week. We had some snow come in, then it warmed up just enough to melt the snow, creating icy conditions. We kept an eye on the weather + roads, talking with Lexie+Adam about backup plans to Snooper’s Rock, just in case. 
The day before their ceremony, we reached out to Prentice Cooper State Forest, just to check on the roads there. Being on top of a mountain, the steep roads and cooler temps may mean it was too difficult to visit. Sure enough, the roads were closed, even though the roads in downtown Chattanooga were fine. Their backup plan was Cloudland Canyon State Park, which we called to make sure was all clear – and it was! The roads up Lookout Mountain were useable as were the roads into the park. 
With the cold weather and previous week of rain, the waterfall at Cloudland had frozen over – it was insane. The face that we were able to make it to the park safely, but still have the backdrop of ice made for some of our favorite pictures. Adam+Lexie (and their families) were troopers – it was COLD, but they powered through, were amazing the whole time, and game to hike to the waterfall. This was a truly unforgettable elopement for us and we are so grateful to them for trusting us with their day!
Testimonial from Lexie+Adam:
Cinderella wedding co was so helpful, accommodating, and very easy to communicate with!
They made our big day so special and the pictures were beautiful. I definitely recommend them for any size wedding.