While our main location is in Chattanooga, we do travel for both wedding and engagement sessions. Sarah Beth + Cole are located in Nashville, so we came to them for their deluxe engagement session. Sarah Beth was a bridesmaid at Chloe+Austin’s wedding in 2016, and reached out to us because she loved her pictures so much.

Being both from Nashville, the area is sentimental to them. We love being able to capture romantic pictures like this in places that have meaning to the couple. We hit up a really neat nature area near downtown. It had forest, rolling hills, and trails, giving us a lot of great background to work with. From there, we went to the Pedestrian Bridge with the Nashville skyline in the background. By the time we got there, it was almost night time, but because the area is so lit up by the ambient light, we were able to get great shots.

Sarah+Beth and Cole are super sweet, and were a lot of fun to work with. They are just a really authentic couple, and their adoration for each other came through just right in their pictures. They were so comfortable in front of the camera, that it made my job easier to capture some great shots of them.