I love having the chance to photograph a family friend’s wedding. In this case, the personal connection with the father of the bride was what brought me together with Mitch+Betsy for their wedding in Nashville, TN. It was honor that he would ask me to be the photographer their day.

Their traditional church wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The style, grace, and colors were on point, and made for beautiful pictures. Along with their sweet and loving personalities, they’re also an easy going couple, making the day a lot of fun and stress free.

The flowers and bouquets really stuck out to me at their wedding. They were so incredibly well done and just really beautiful. All the shades of green paired perfectly with the other pastel flower petals and the bridesmaids dresses.

What I love about capturing a wedding is seeing the joy and support that surrounds two people as they commit their love to each other. Being able to capture those emotions in a way that can tell a story of the day is what makes my job one of the greatest in the world.