Prentice Cooper Wedding with Bailey+Nolan – the most perfect black wedding dress for this late fall all-inclusive wedding
The middle of November in Chattanooga means you will still have gorgeous leaf color in the higher elevations like at Prentice Cooper State Forest, the home of Snooper’s Rock.  Many people think early October is the best time for the red and yellow leaves, but really, late fall is best since there are cooler temps on the mountains.
And did we mention the black wedding dress? Absolutely perfect. This year we’ve seen more variety in wedding dresses from the traditional white and off white. We love how clients are choosing what they want, making taking a risk, but following their heart on what they want.  And maybe that’s why they’re having a small micro-wedding – because it’s what they want even it’s not following the “normal” wedding traditions.  
As we exited the overlook, we stopped along the way to capture shots along the Tennessee River. That’s what’s so great about having a Prentice Cooper wedding – the variety of backdrop available even for a shorter session with us.  
An easily accessible location with impressive views make this one of our favorite locations for weddings. While weekends are great, weekdays are best for weddings here. While it’s not guaranteed you’ll have complete privacy, the likelihood of others coming upon your wedding are slim.