I had the pleasure of shooting my very first wedding film in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have tons of experience shooting wedding photography all throughout the greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area, and I also have a lot of experience doing commercial video (see my commercial video work here), but this was my first ever wedding film that was completely shot and edited by me. Normally, for wedding films in Chattanooga, we hire one of our two favorite film makers in town to shoot our wedding videos along side me as I take care of the photography. But this was truly an honor to shoot the wedding video. I shot the wedding film at Katie and Ethan’s home church, and the reception was shot at The Read House in Downtown Chattanooga. Ethan and Katie’s love for one another is mature and deep. I love their wedding love story, and we at Cinderella Wedding Photo Co. are so exciting for them to begin this new journey of their life together. I hope you enjoy their wedding film!