Cinderella Wedding Co has been capturing Snooper’s Rock elopement photography for years. It’s a top spot for elopements and micro weddings, even more now with clients adjusting their bigger weddings to small, intimate outdoor settings.
The overlook is a top wedding location for a reason. You have panoramic views of the bending Tennessee River – almost like a more lush, smaller scale Horseshoe Bend.  And depending on the weather, the clouds might be low and you’ll actually be above the clouds – what could be more magical than that? Add in that gorgeous, golden light and it’s picture perfect.
About 45 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, it’s the ideal place to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a gorgeous drive, and then it’s only a small walk from the parking area to the overlook. That makes it relatively easy to navigate for couples and their guests. 
It works best for sunrise weddings, but if you have a great photographer like Joseph, he can make any time of day work. However, sunrise really is the best time – it’s quieter, romantic, and has the symbolism of starting a whole new adventure as the sunrises over you. Another bonus is that Joseph is a FAA certified to fly a drone to help capture some even more epic shots of you. Not a morning person, check out Sunset Rock as an evening option.
The look for a Snooper’s Rock elopement varies depending on the season. Not a fan of the low clouds, then early spring is your best bet to give you clear views of the river. Love the cloud cover and blooming trees, then late spring through summer will give you all those things. And of course fall is a favorite due to the more golden light, changing leaf color and later sunrises.