Planning your elopement? We’re often asked what different seasons look like at different outdoor locations during different times of the day. Here’s what it looks like at Snooper’s Rock in the spring, morning and afternoon.
For the morning in the spring, the sun will be shining directly onto the rock from the front. The light softer than in the summer and fall, so it won’t feel as harsh.
In early spring (March) the leaves are just starting to get their leaves, so it won’t look as lush. By April, the trees will all be full, green, and vibrant.  Spring is also a somewhat rainy period (that’s why the trees are so lush!), so there is a good chance of some cloud cover – this is a good thing – it helps even out the light so it’s not so bright.
For the afternoon in the spring, the sun will be coming from the right, casting shadows to the side and putting one person’s face more in the light, while the other person’s face more in the shadows. 
No matter the time of day, your pictures at Snooper’s Rock in the spring will be gorgeous. You just have to decide if you’d like to wake up early or sleep in a little more and have a late morning or afternoon ceremony. Here’s a great resource to see when the sunrise will happen on your day – just pick Chattanooga for the location.