Planning your elopement? We’re often asked what different seasons look like at different outdoor locations during different times of the day. Here’s what it looks like at Snooper’s Rock in the winter, morning and afternoon.
We’ve chosen sample images from various angles, to give you an idea of how your pictures may look (as you hover over a picture, you’ll see a title of when it was taken).  
In early winter (December) the trees have almost dropped all of their leaves. By the end of winter going into early March, the lighting is softer due to the cloudiness, giving a more even tone to pictures, with the trees completely bare. This means that the lighting is similar in the morning and afternoon, giving you more flexibility with your time. Also, with it colder in the mornings in the winter, clients often choose an afternoon ceremony when it’s warmed up a bit.
We’ve done numerous weddings at Snooper’s Rock throughout the winter and they’re all gorgeous in different ways. They have a different feel than the other seasons, so be sure to keep that in mind as you plan your day. Here’s a great resource to see when the sunrise will happen on your day – just pick Chattanooga for the location.