A Spring Common House Engagement Photography session with Julie+Dylan – moving around Chattanooga for their three hour session.
This sweet couple booked our 8 hour photography session for their spring wedding at the Common House.  With the package comes a deluxe engagement session. 
We were able to move around different places in Chattanooga to give them a diverse final album. We started at The Chickamauga Battlefield for some wide, grassy field shots. From there we moved to The Common House, and ending at Sunset Rock.
Common House Chattanooga is an innovative concept that combines the charm of a social club, the warmth of a boutique hotel, and the ambiance of a creative workspace. Nestled in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, this sophisticated venue offers an eclectic mix of modern design and historic architecture. The space boasts an array of amenities, including stylish lounges, elegant event spaces, a stunning rooftop bar, and swimming pool.
By having an engagement session, we’re able to get to know the couple one on one before the wedding day.  While theirs wasn’t long before their wedding, it was still fun to get to know them and their style better.