Spring Elopement at Snooper’s Rock

Spring Elopement at Snooper’s Rock – a quickly planned afternoon true elopement with views and wildflower fields. 
Aathi+Hiteshwar contacted us about a week before the date they wanted for their ceremony. We love these quickly planned elopements with just the couple. They’re more relaxing for the couple, giving them more time and space to focus on each other and their vows.
Not being from around here, they knew they wanted a pretty overlook, but weren’t sure where exactly. That’s where we came in, suggesting a few places and helping them decide on Snooper’s Rock. 
We knew it wouldn’t be busy in the evening, so we planned for the later time to give them a more chill morning and afternoon. Even with the quickly planned elopement, Aathi had the most gorgeous wedding dress, flowers, and Hiteshwar a classic tux.  
Yes! You can have an outdoor elopement with privacy even though in a public space. Knowing not only the best spots to elope in Chattanooga, but all the little details about time of day, parking, what works best, is what sets us apart. Ready to learn more? We’d love to hear from you.