Skeet + Carly are such an amazingly fun couple, and I had a blast capturing their wedding at Stratton Hall.  It’s such a cool venue, right outside of downtown on the way to St. Elmo – it’s almost like a hidden gem of Chattanooga – convenient, gorgeous, and the perfect place to have a wedding + reception. Having the wedding and reception in one location, especially on a hot summer day, was a treat!

On of my favorite parts of the evening was the toast from Carly’s father. It was one of the most hilarious toasts at a reception that I’ve ever heard, setting the tone for the reception that was full of laughter, joy, and high energy. The reception was one of the most fun I’ve been to – everyone had a fantastic time dancing the night away!

I had originally met Carly and her mom at the PINK Bridal show, and we hit it off immediately. There are so many options in Chattanooga for fantastic photographers, and we are so honored they chose to go with us.