Big weddings are always great, but we love the chance to shoot an intimate elopement. We offer small packages for these perfectly small weddings.
Sarah+Taylor wanted just that. A very small ceremony for immediate family. We were able to build them a custom package to capture photography and videography of their elopement.
We were also happy to give them some suggestions for locations. They’re nature loving people, so we suggested Snooper’s Rock. It’s about 45 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.  While Sunset Rock is know as the perfect place to watch a sunset over Chattanooga, Snooper’s Rock is the best spot to catch the sunrise.  The clouds were low that morning, giving the feel that we were floating above the clouds. It was one of the most magical moments.
What we love about an elopement is the flexibility. Sarah+Taylor were flexible on their timeframe and were able to have a sunrise ceremony. Everything about a sunrise at Snooper’s Rock is incredible, and we were so excited they were up for the adventure.