Sunrise at Sunset Rock. Yes, you can do that and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We switched it around from then typical sunset shoot for Mia+David’s engagement session!
Mia+David were trying to decide where to have their deluxe engagement session, and loved Sunset Rock. They weren’t huge fans of the golden colors of the sunset there, so we switched it around at did sunrise at Sunset Rock. The pictures came out beautifully and are so glad they were up to try it!
From Sunset Rock, we moved downtown to some other iconic Chattanooga locations. Since it was earlier in the morning, fewer people were out and about in the city.
What we loved about their session at Sunset Rock was that it was a bit windy, giving gorgeous movement to Mia’s dress. They changed between locations, formal for the first part, then more casual as we moved around Renaissance Park.
We had such a good time with these two and wish them the best!