How To Get Even Better Pictures

You have an upcoming session with us and we are thrilled to be working with you!  You've likely been doing lots of research on outfits, locations, poses, and more.  We've created this list of tips, tricks, and sample images to help your album come out the best it can be.


We try to visit three locations during our deluxe engagement session.  With three hours, this gives us enough time to visit a variety of places, giving you a really full, diverse album.  If you're not really into the nature or urban settings, that's ok!  We want to visit places that reflect you and your personalities.  And if there are locations you'd like to visit based on where you met, we're happy to go there.


With our three hour deluxe session that comes with wedding packages, we tell people to pick 2-3 outfits to really maximize the variety in their album.  In the end, make sure you pick outfits that reflect you and your style, while still including some variety.

  • Casual - jeans, blouses, dresses, scarves
  • Formal - long dresses, suit, dress shoes


Over the years of capturing romantic style pictures of couples, we've come up with a few pointers to ensure your pictures come out the best they can. Joseph will give you these pointers as he's taking your pictures, too.

  • Kissing - the key to a good shot of you two kissing is to just lightly kiss each other. Don't open your mouth too much and press into each other's faces.
  • Face to Face - heads together is one of our favorites, but make sure not to press your noses together - no smushing!
  • Smiling - we like to say there are three smiles: subtle (no teeth), small (some teeth), big (laughing, mouth open).
  • Laughing - sometimes it can get silly on the shoot, but try not to throw your head back in laughter.
  • Talking - we want you to have a fantastic time on your shoot , but try not to talk too much to each other.  When talking, someone's mouth is open, the other person's closed, eyes shut, and more.  This will ensure you get more pictures where you're both in a natural smiling position.