We love working with couples for their engagement photography sessions. We have the opportunity to try different things, and were excited to make the focus of this one the urban setting of Chattanooga.

Alex+Allison are friends of ours, and when they asked us to be the photographer for their fall wedding, we were honored. Most clients want the spring or fall engagement session, but they opted for the winter. Luckily, shooting in the urban environment in the winter means there aren’t a lot of people around.

We started their session at The Bitter Alibi. It’s where they had their first date, so it holds special meaning for them. We love capturing couples in locations that are important to them.

Being able to capture their drone shots on the Walnut Street Bridge would normally be hard because of all the people. But because we did it in January, there wasn’t much foot traffic. We were able to get some fun, wide shots of the landscape and only Allison+Alex in the shot.