An at home engagement photography session with Brianna+Jimmy – capturing this sweet couple in the comfort of their own home.
Brianna+Jimmy reached out to us about their summer 2024 wedding. After talking with Joseph and gathering some more details, they booked us for 6 hours of photography coverage. 
With their 6 hour package comes an engagement session, which we scheduled for this summer.  Being so hot, we opted for more indoor sites. They work together in the restaurant industry, and so we started at the restaurant/bar where they work since it hold special meaning. 
From there, we moved to they home for a more intimate setting. We love the comfort and cozy feeling of their pictures here – snuggled up on the couch, in the kitchen, and more. We even got their dogs in on the session, giving them a few lovely family pictures. 
We did want to capture some outdoor shots, so after it had cooled down, we moved up to Sunset Rock. We were able to use the drone to capture some really lovely cliff shots with the sunset in the background.
We love an at home engagement photography session – it’s a more relaxed environment for clients and gives a very intimate feel to the pictures.