A rainy Snooper’s Rock elopement meant we had to adjust the schedule some that morning. We ended up with gorgeous, evening pictures.
Lacee+Brandon’s two-hour elopement in mid-March had non-stop rain in the forecast. The clouds completely blocked out the view at Snooper’s Rock and the rain was pretty consistent all day. We ended up pushing their timeframe to the evening, meeting at the river’s edge near Snooper’s Rock instead of the overlook.
It was just the two of them and our officiant, a true elopement. The sun was setting, so there wasn’t a ton of light left, but we made it work. They ended up with gorgeous pictures that give more of a Pacific Northwest feel than our typical elopements.
Their rainy Snooper’s Rock elopement wasn’t what they planned for, but ended up being beautiful in another way. 
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