The Walnut Street Bridge is one of the most iconic places in Chattanooga.  It’s host some of the best views of the river, connecting the North Shore and Bluff View.  This makes it a popular spot for proposals.
Garrett reached out to us to capture his surprise proposal to his girlfriend Kat.  We were able to work talk to Garrett beforehand to setup the spot and make sure Kat didn’t notice our photographer.  It all went perfectly!
After the “Yes!” we do a mini engagement session with the couple. We take romantic shots around the location of the proposal. This is why the Walnut Street Bridge is such a good location. We can capture the bridge in the background, and then easily move up the Hunter Museum for more lovely spots.
Garrett and Kat were so sweet and wonderful to work with! We’re excited for their engagement and are so grateful that Garrett reached out to us to capture the moment for him.